Convenient Dental Services in Dublin, OH

So many of the dental problems people experience can be avoided or minimized with proactive preventative care. At Ford Family Dental, we work to give every patient the best possible care at every visit, performing regular cleanings as well as a variety of standard dental procedures such as crowns and fillings.

A dentist with pink latex gloves on is using a tool to clean a child's teeth.

Cleanings and Check-ups

Most U.S. dental providers recommend scheduling regular dental cleanings every six months, and we at Ford Family Dental are no exception. These routine check-ups help prevent cavities and the build-up of plaque over time, keeping your teeth healthy and your smile bright. And they’re also a powerful tool for overall health, offering the opportunity to catch early any minor issues that could snowball into larger oral health problems.

Common Dental Procedures

Our common dental procedures keep your smile thriving beyond routine teeth cleanings and check-ups. The whole family benefits from these appointments. Ford Family Dental’s professional treatments include:

Trust Us to Keep Your Smile Looking Great

When you have your dental cleanings and services performed at Ford Family Dental, you get the full benefit of our decades of experience on every visit. Reach out to our team today to schedule your next cleaning and ensure your pearly whites continue to look fantastic!

Exciting changes ahead! We'll be closed from July 1st to July 5th for renovations to enhance your experience. Thank you for your patience and understanding!